NORTH Staff Newsletter

Week of September 19


Monday - PD Monday PLUS!

This is a PLC day PLUS it's International Talk Like A Pirate Day! I have no idea how the rest of the week can top that!

Tuesday - HAPPY National IT Professionals' Day to our ever supportive technology department! Especially to you Elaine Parker - our North Elementary office dweller!

Wednesday - FIRE DRILL!

The weather looks great. Let's do it! 1:15.

Thursday - PTO Evening Meeting at South Elementary. Dinner for teachers at 5:30.

Friday - Reasons to Celebrate

HAPPY 200th BIRTHDAY INDIANA! Not today specifically, but the torch relay will be passing through Danville today. Our 3rd and 4th grade students will be attending the events on the square. What a great day for them!



1. Kristen Downey -- Thank you for the moving display of our notes to Mr. Ted.

2. The Weather -- Who would have believed that the sun would have made such a nice appearance for the Staff Appreciation Cookout? Especially amidst the torrential rain just hours earlier. What a fun night! I so enjoyed seeing everyone and their families.


Things to share:

This is a series of short videos in honor of the Indiana Bicentennial. Below are just two of them, but I encourage you to check out more.
Indiana Bicentennial Minute 01
Indiana Bicentennial Minute 14



Things you might not know or might have forgotten and might make your life easier (or might not)
  • There is a paper taped to your phone that says ALERT ALL STAFF #39. Here's the deal. Hitting #39 will allow you to send an announcement into every room in the building through the phone system. In the event of an emergency, anyone in the building has the ability to send out an alert.