Wilson Weekly

Week of Sept 30th

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Action Items

  • Ed Foundation Grants - Today is the final day to submit grants. If you are submitting one, please make sure it is entered before 5:00 this afternoon.
  • Picture Retakes - Retakes will be Oct 4th. It has been added to the Wilson Outlook calendar. Please include it in your newsletters.
  • Compliance Course - This coming Thursday (Oct 3rd) is the deadline to complete the district Compliance Courses. Please let me know if you are having difficulty accessing the Schoology course.
  • Drumming Performance!!! - There is a last minute addition to next week's calendar! The PTO has been working to bring in new and unique opportunities to support the Arts. They have tried to coordinate a time to bring in a special African Drumming Group, and we just got a confirmation of a day that would work. Please mark your calendar for this coming Friday, Oct 4th @ 2:00. We will have a schoolwide drumming performance in the Gym. There will be drumming and dancing... Our kids are sure to love it!
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Community Resources

Our community provides many resources to help learners in need. Please refer your learners to these programs if they would be beneficial. Let Dr. Hickey know if you have any questions.

    • Operation School Bell: The Assistance League of Coppell provides backpacks with new clothes, coats, and shoe gift cards. If you have a learner(s) who needs clothing and/or shoes, please confirm with parents that they need and want this assistance and then complete this form: https://forms.gle/HLGHeunC2RRWfVLQ9

    • Daily snacks: Coppell Cares donates snacks for learners. If you have a learner(s) who cannot afford to bring daily snacks, please confirm with parents that they need and want this assistance and then complete this form: https://forms.gle/feM2rHPeCHtbbqb89

    • Weekend snacks: Coppell Cares donates weekend snacks for learners who are food insecure...those kids who worry about not getting enough to eat because they do not have enough food at home. Learners receive a bag of food every Friday to eat over the weekend. If you have a learner(s) who shows signs of food insecurity, please confirm with parents that they need and want this assistance and then complete this form:


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Click on the button below to review the RtI details from the beginning of the year. Please be sure you have completed the required steps prior to your team's RtI meeting.
RtI Slides

See slides 4-6 for details on how to be prepared!

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Safety & Security Spotlight

  • Our fire drill was FABULOUS! Thank you all for using Navigate, marking yourself safe, and your learners

  • Doors- when we go out for a fire drill, it is important to close your door behind you. With that being said, you might want to grab your keys because your door will be locked when you get back!


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We're slowly but surely getting to the end! See below for the latest.
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Week At A Glance

Monday - College Day
  • StuCo Officer Training @ West
  • Safety & Security Meeting - 3:30 - Library

Tuesday - Ed Foundation / PTO Shirt Day

  • Kinder Team Time
  • 1st Grade Design Day
  • SBDM Meeting - 3:15
  • Workshop Huddle - 3:30 - Austin Library - open to all!

Wednesday - "Give Cancer the Boot!"

  • 1st Grade Team Time
  • Kid of Character Breakfast - 7:30
  • 3rd Grade Field Trip
  • Faculty Meeting -3:30


  • 2nd Grade Team Time
  • Schoology Compliance Courses - deadline
  • Gordon Korman Author Visit
  • K/1st - Stop, Collaborate, & Listen - 3:30


  • Spirit Schedule - for drumming performance
  • Rise & Shine
  • Picture Retakes
  • African Drumming Performance - 2:00