American Expansion Inquiry

American Expansion

U.S. expansion

If we expansion with other countries, we have more land and more people in our country. Cities will be build and our economy will increase because of different people. They bring different ideas, if our ideas not work, we used there ideas to make U.S. Much more powerful. If we have more power we will expansion more. If we have more power then no body can mast-up with U.S. But has fitted them for the great task of lifting up and assisting to better conditions and larger liberty those distant people who have through the issue of battle become our wards. The harder the task the greater will be the result, the benefit, and the honor.

We have more power and more army in this world so. Lets go to earn their Lands and make ours.

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What conditions influenced the United State's expansion abroad?

* U.S. not interested with people whose from different cultures.

* U.S. want to rule people without their permission.

* European country were taking control of weak country.

* U.S. economy was increasingly dependent on foreign trade.

*U.S. wants to established religion missions in Africa and Asia, including 500 missions in China by 1890.

* U.S. have not interfered and shall not interfere, with the existing possession of any European power in this hemisphere.

Do You Want To Control Our Neighbor Which is Next To Us. For That Results Lets Make War.

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What arguments were made in favor of imperialism and the Spanish-American war?

  • two hundred thousand had died within these Spanish forts.

  • Many Cuban were struggling for freedom and deliverance from worst misgovernment.

  • need to stop Fearful Cases of Starvation in Cuba.

  • We can increase trade with Cuba, Hawaii and the Philippines. - build up our economy.

  • We can get resources that we can’t produce- sugar, tropical fruits, hemp.

  • it is ours to save that soil for liberty and civilization.

What arguments were made in opposition to imperialism and the Spanish-American War?

  • Our power is not in our army, it’s in the hearts of our people.

  • We cannot repudiate the principle of self-government in the Philippines without weakening that principle here.

  • allowing the government to have so much power in these other countries could eventually take freedom from us here.

  • Conquest is not in our principles; it is inconsistent with our government

  • They believe an Empire is better than a Republic

  • The Democratic Party does not want to against other countries and make their countries bigger or wider.

Spanish-American War

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The U.S. Against expansion

Against expansion for U.S.