Highland Middle Library Newsletter

November 2017

Welcome to the first edition of the Highland Middle Library Newsletter!

The middle school librarians across the Saint Paul Public Schools are collaborating to create a monthly newsletter that will keep our families and staff in the know regarding what's going on in our schools and community. In the sections that follow, you will have an opportunity to discover what has been happening in our library this fall. Topics range from the specific areas of study students have been engaging and events at your local libraries and bookstores, to new book releases and more.

Highland Park Middle School Library News

November, 2017

Highland Middle School Library Happenings

We have gotten off to a good start in the library this year. Your student has had the opportunity to visit the library every other week to check out books with his/her/their ELA teacher. Additionally, I collaborate with classroom teachers to introduce research and information literacy skills into the activities and units they have developed so students can grow their knowledge in these areas and build lifelong learning skills.

Click here to find out what your students have been learning about and doing in the library this fall!

Author Visits in the Twin Cities

Hey readers! Here are the author visits that are happening in the Twin Cities during November. Check it out! #Read #AuthorVisits

Encourage a Love of Reading at Home

Whether you are working with a reluctant reader, a struggling reader, or an avid reader, there are many ways you can support and encourage reading at home. Here are some ideas to get you started:
  • Read: When kids and teens see adults reading, whether for learning, pleasure, or both, it shows them reading is a natural and even fun way to spend time.
  • Talk about your reading: Share ideas you discover through your own reading, and ask your student to tell you about their reading, too.
  • Make reading a social activity: Partner up with your reader and enjoy the same book, or set up a book club with family or friends. Plan book club meetings (food or snacks can add to the fun) and encourage everyone to share their thoughts, questions, and reactions to the book.
  • Go where the books are: Visit libraries and bookstores just for fun (checking out or buying books is always optional) and see what’s out there. Look for special events, like author’s visits, that will help your reader connect with other readers who share their interests.
  • Listen to audio books: Especially on long car trips, this can be a fun way to pass time and share in a reading experience together. This is a good way to develop vocabulary and to strengthen readers’ understanding of how language works.
  • Encourage variety: Reading can be done in so many different ways. Try out different formats, on paper or online. Read books, magazines, websites, blogs, and cookbooks—anything that captures your reader’s attention.

By providing opportunities for reading to happen and being positive about the value of reading, you will encourage your reader to continue to grow!

Adapted from: Aguilar, Elena. “Ten Ways to Cultivate a Love of Reading in Students.” Edutopioa. 26 October 2017, https://www.edutopia.org/blog/cultivating-love-reading-students-elena-aguilar.

MYRA Awards

MYRA is a statewide “Student Choice Book Award” contest in honor of Maud Hart Lovelace. Book selections are chosen by Teachers and Librarians. The number of books in the selection each year may vary. Students who read at least three books from the list are eligible to vote. Voting usually takes place in March and the winners are announced in April. The book that receives the most votes is the 1st place winner. The next highest vote is 2nd place followed by 3rd place.

For further information about the book list or how to participate, please see your school librarian or go to http://www.myrahome.org/mhl-nominees.html

DIY & Maker Ideas

Make your own quick and easy origami bookmarks: https://www.redtedart.com/origami-bookmark/

Research Process

Students: Start thinking about History Day topics (https://pickingatopic.weebly.com/) and science project ideas (https://www.googlesciencefair.com/make-better-generator/en/)

Teachers: Did you know that this SPPS Research process page is customizable? Or that it’s embeddable in Schoology? (http://libguides.spps.org/research)

Call your librarian today to customize or get embeddable content for Schoology.

Tech Corner

Students: iOS 11 has been approved for district iPads. New features include screen recording with narration and subtle design changes. Update at school or home, but it will take a little while, so don’t do it during class!

Teachers: Now that email is web-based only, did you know you can have two separate desktops open?

  • Swipe up on the trackpad with four fingers, and drag your email window to the desktop bar at the top.
  • Switch between them by swiping again with four fingers. Keep your email out of sight of students! Not working? Update your ios!