Hero: Author Mike Lupica

Smore made by Aydan Molina


Zach is a boy who's father recently died in New York. His dad worked to protect the government from "bad people" as they were called. People say is father could do things that no other man could possibly do.

Rising Action

There is this kid at school who has really been bothering Zach it makes him so mad. One day he punches the wall, solid brick and didn't even get a cut. That is how he finds out he has powers. One day they get in a fight and Zach learns a lesson from then on, never use his powers for evil.


The president is coming to New York for a speech and since Zach's dad was with the government he gets to be on stage with them. As the speech begins Zach sees a sniper, aiming at the president...

Falling Action and Resolution

Zach saw him the whole time, and right when he is about to shoot Zach saves him. The guards immediately bring the president to safety. Later they thank him and Zach feels great. He learns that even though his dad is gone in a way he is always with him.