Texting and Driving

Put it down, it can wait


Texting and driving is the act of composing, sending, reading text messages, email, or making similar use of the web on a mobile phone while operating a motor vehicle. Texting while driving is considered dangerous by many people, including authorities, and in some places have been outlawed or restricted. Texting has become socially normal since the year 2000 because of the popularity of smartphones, which allow people to communicate faster and easier. There have been many studies that have linked texting while driving to be the cause of life-threatening accidents due to driver distraction.

  • "1,444 of accidents were caused by a driver using an electronic communication device..."
  • 350,000 injuries each year & 1 out of 4 accidents are because of texting and driving.

Effects on you

Texting and Driving has its effects, don't fall victim to them.

Short term:

  • Eyes off the road.
  • Lose control of the car.

Long term:
  • Major Injuries (internal & external).
  • Car accidents
  • Worst of all, DEATH.

You can prevent this

Texting while driving is a problem you can control. Before you pick up your phone do you stop to think if this could be the last text you ever send. Your life is more important than sending that text to someone. You can use one of this prevention and save yourself from the dangers of texting and driving.

  • The message can wait until your car is off.
  • Put your phone in the glove compartment.
  • Put your phone on airplane mode.
  • Turn the phone off.
  • Put your phone on silent.


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