Jack Spray.

Different skills and qualities in the fire service.


Teamwork - You need teamwork to get a job done quickly, professionally and to also ensure that none of the team members, or members of the public get injured or die. Teamwork is used in all areas of the public services, an example of a scenario where it would be crucial to use is if there was a road traffic accident, teamwork would be needed to ensure everyone's safety and to make sure the victim(s) can be attended by the ambulance service without any other problems. In this sort of scenario, different public services would work together as a whole.

Conflict management - All public services will need conflict management because if there is conflict within a team, their focus or determination might be affected by it. In some cases it might be petty where one or the other refuse to work alongside one another which will affect teamwork. Conflict management can be used during briefings, or doing the actual job, so it would be the team leaders job to end it and decrease the tension in the team or between the two or more people that are arguing.

Timekeeping - A member of a public service needs to have good if not immaculate timekeeping skills. This is because if the emergency is very serious they need to get there in time or quicker. Timekeeping isn't just for emergency's, they have to get to work on time or else they might miss briefings or if their team has had an emergency call out, they won't be there for it or they won't be able to get ready in time.


Confident - Confidence is needed in all areas of public services, whether it's being under pressure during an emergency or whether its's speaking to the public or schools about safety and how to avoid fires, break-ins etc.

Determination - If team members are not determined, or in fact just one of a team is not, it can affect the whole team and people around them e.g. in an emergency situation. Members of the public services need to be determined most of the time, whether it's completing paperwork or saving lives. An employer will see the candidates true determination before he/she even works there as the work and effort they've put in to get there and get a job will show and stand out.

Organisation - Every member in the public services needs to be organised. For example: getting ready the night before so you can on, bring whatever you need for the job, making sure equipment is clean and works, not forgetting uniform etc.