The Right to Food and Water

Every person in the world should have this human right.

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The Facts on World Hunger

It is an estimation that 870 million out of the 7.1 billion people in the world are suffering from malnutrition. This means that about 1 in 8 people are not provided clean water, or food. 850 million out of those starving 870 million are from developing countries. It is important that we work together to help aid these developing countries, along with those who are in poverty.

Hunger & How it effects us

The world has always had the struggle of providing each individual with a healthy amount of food and clean water. Daily undernourishment is something that does not always appear right away, but it leads to an unhealthy life. Children are effected in many ways by malnutrition. A child's growth, immune system, and behavior may all be affected. Each child in this world should have the right to grow and develop with healthy foods and clean water. As well as adults throughout the world. On a happy note, this problem is completely solvable.

The problem can be solved if we all come together

How we can solve this

The fight against hunger and malnutrition

The solution to hunger and malnutrition is all of the world coming together to make sure that food is equally distributed and is accessible to everyone. The government can help by making sure that they take charge by helping aid and create programs that will benefit those in developing countries that are without clean water or food. Another way that everyone in the world can help is by giving food donations. The impact that food donations and volunteering provides is going to change the numbers of people going hungry every day.

Be Creative

A program that is impacting many people in the world is Free Rice. This program donates 10 grains of rice through the World Food Program to help the fight against hunger. When you visit this online site, you are able to answer various questions about many things. When you answer the questions you are helping donate rice to those in need. This is a creative and easy way that you can help the fight against hunger

The Right to Adequate Food and Water

All in all the right to adequate food and water is something that every human being should be allowed to have. Governments should be sure that all people in the world are assured accessibility, availability, and the security of clean water and healthy food. When we work together to help the countries that are in poverty, we change the world. This right is important to the lives of all people because it is something so basic that we all require. We can end people going to bed hungry, as long as we all take the time and effort to work together.
Hunger | The World's Greatest Solvable Problem