Comparative Poetry Analysis

Morgan McGauley hour 3


When you hear the phrase, "Big as the myth origin," what is the first thing that comes to mind on what the phrase means? When I hear that phrase I think of how big some of the myths on how the earth was created. A poet, Leslie Marmon Silko, wrote the poem "Prayer to the Pacific" and was comparing the ocean to a myth about how the earth was created. Gwendolyn Brooks is also a poet and she wrote "Tornado at Talledega." Both of there poets love nature and have a very respectful tone.


In the poems "Prayer to the Pacific" and "Tornado at Talledega" the poets talk about respecting nature and how you know the dangers of this beautiful nature also. Both of the poets styles affect the poems because they help you imagine whats going on and help you think about what you are reading. I think that the overall meaning of the poem "Prayer to the Pacific, " is that you should respect the ocean and everything in it. The overall meaning of "Tornado at Talledega" to me is that karma is a real thing and that the trees got what the deserved. I also think, however, that the overall theme of this poem is that even though nature is beautiful, it is also deadly.