Missouri's Capital Buildings

History of Three Famous Buildings


You probably didn't know that Missouri has had more than one capital building.

Missouri has had three capital buildings!

The First Capital Building

History and Location

The first Capital building was made in 1823 . It was In st. Charles.MO It was located in the the top of a hill overlooking the view of the Missouri River and the Mississippi in the


Architecture and Historic Facts

The building was made in a roman style building form it had lots of painting's and artifacts. It had the most unique dome about twenty Feet high and thirty feet wide.


In the second floor of the capital building there was a fire. That immediately burnt down the Capital Building.

The Second Capital Building


Its architecture is the same as the first capital building it was roman

It had a thirty foot tall and a 40 foot high dome.

Size and Musam

The size of the building was about two times larger than the original capital building

and has lots of architectural painting and sculptures.

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Our Capital Right Now

Right Now

Our capital at this time is in Jefferson city overlooking the Missouri river

and is a beautiful landmark for our state .


Its design is roman like all the other capital buildings with a 40 foot high and 30 foot wide dome.


This is what you need to know to go to Missouri's historic capital building

and know the information you need to explore one of Missouri's famous landmark.