A Christmas carol

By: Fozia muhumed

Scrooge had to sacrifice his money because when he saw his future no one liked him so he wanted to make up for his actions

Scrooge was a mean old man and also grumpy. Everyday he would be naughty. First when he didn't expect it to happen but Marley came and told Scrooge hat three spirits/ghosts were coming to see him. When all of the spirits came to see him he wasn't happy he saw the ghost of Christmas past, the ghost of Christmas present, and the ghost of Christmas to come. When he saw his future he was a little frightened by how it was. When he woke up in the morning he was eager and put on his clothes. He went outside and tried talking to some people they ran away. But they didn't know that Scrooge changed. He got all of his money out and all the people he upset he apologize and gave them some money. Scrooge turned into a nice old man and had a Merry Christmas.

Christmas carol

My sacrifice

When I was little I had to sacrifice all of my toys to my lite sisters because they lost all their toys. My mom was so proud of me for being a generous girl so we went out for dinner and got ice cream.