Miss Ray's English 10 Class

Let's make this the best year ever!

All about you!

Create a smore page that includes the following:

1. Name

2. Include one picture of yourself

3. Include one picture of a symbol that represents your personality. Explain your symbol.

4. Tell me three of your favorite things. Include a picture/symbol of each.

5. How do you learn best?

6. Tell me one thing that upsets you.

7. How comfortable do you feel with social media and technology in school and outside of school?

8. How can I realistically make this a great year for you?

9. What is your short term goal for the school year?

10. What is one of your long term goals?

***Who would you prefer your "classroom buddy" to be?

When complete, share your page with me. kray@tcboe.org

In the subject box please format: Name, Period, About Me Smore

This is your very first grade!

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A hot air ballon is a symbol that represents my personality. I love to travel, explore, dream big, and look at the big picture of life.

Miss Ray

5. I am a visual learner. I learn best with engaging real world examples.

6. I get upset when things are messy and unorganized.

7. I believe that technology and social media can be great resources in the classroom. However, they compliment learning they do not replace it.

8. I hope this is one of your best school years ever. What can I do to ensure that you learn and enjoy your sophomore year at CHS?

9. My short term goal is to learn all of your names and something about your personality.

10. My long term goal is to see each student fell empowered and prepared for 11th grade!