2nd year ICT

Hard Drive/SSD

The hard drive is a device inside a computer that allows a computer to read information on a disc. The disc is read by an arm that is like a record player and it is connected to the computer and it puts the data on the screen, and all of that is done in underneath 15 seconds.

The SSD is a device that is stored in phones and is the equivalent of a hard drive but doesn't have any moving parts and can have a lot more space than a hard drive disc.

Optical Drive

The optical drive is a disc holder that you can put DVD's, CD's and Blu-ray. Sometimes the optical drive comes out of the computer like in a PC but sometimes it just stays in there like a mac but they both do the same job. However, blu-ray discs can only be used on some PC's but cannot be used on any mac's.


RAM stand for Random Access Memory and it can show lots of data in a random order. RAM's can be different sizes so therefore can hold a different amount of data. The more amount of RAM you have, the more applicatrions open at a time.


The monitor is an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) that shows the data that you have opened. It is connected to the motherboard and that is connected to the hard drive, the optical drive and everything else and is shows it on the screen.