Barnett's Art Room

Fine Art Classes: Art 1, Art 2, Sculpture 2-4

Issue 1, Volume 1, September 2013

Welcome to the first edition of the Barnett's Art Room Newletter!!!

Welcome to another awesome year in the artroom. I am very excited for this year's lessons and artworks that we are going to tackle. I think you will be too.

Things are well under way as we start the 4th week of school. I am hoping to keep you informed as to the goings on in my art room through this newsletter. You can expect it to show up about every 3 or 4 weeks.


Color, Color, Color

In our first major unit, art 1 students are learning all about color. We learned color basics, color mixing, created color wheels, and are currently studying color schemes. To strengthen our understanding of different color schemes, we started our first artwork this week. The students are creating designs based off their initials. Once they have come up with a strong design, they will then show the design 7 times--each time with using a different color scheme. So far, the designs are really great. I look forward to seeing their final products.

ART 2: Painting and Drawing

Keyhole Peeping

Painting and Drawing students just completed their first major artwork--a keyhole peep into their lives.

Drawing from Life

Over the next few weeks we will be working on drawing from life and realistic shading. Currently we are working in graphite pencil, but soon we will pick up some Prismacolor colored pencils and work in color.


Hollow Forms of String

Our first artwork was a "get your toes wet" sort of project. Beginning sculpture students learned about molds and casts and created hollow spheres of yarn that were cast on balloons. It was a great first project to get the students thinking in 3 dimensions.


Art + Geometry

I am pleased to have so many students from last year's beginning sculpture class return this year. We started off the year with a bas relief project. They created a symmetrical design using geometrical shapes. They then had to carryout the design into a bas relief sculpture using different heights of paper. They had to not only think about the design from the front, but from the sides as well. The paper stage is finished and we are just waiting to give the sculptures color. I really like what my artists have done this far and I can't wait to see them with color.


Wire Animals

I have seen this group of kids through the past 2 or 3 years and I am so excited that they are my first advanced sculpture class. They are amazing sculptors and have come so far since beginning sculpture. They are already impressing me with their first artworks--wire animals. I can't wait to see the final products. The artworks are just so well thought out and imaginative. It's going to be a fun senior year for them in the art room.