progressive era

by wesley hale

the jungle

These photos are portraying the unsafe sanitation's in food factorys. This topic is refering to corporations and labor. the jungle wrote by upton sinclairs affected the lives of americans by helping make the food they eat more safer. The food they ate was not properly sanitized or cleaned so americans would get sick off the food they ate until they started making regulations on food to make it safer.

banning of alcohol

These photos are portraying the use of alcohol. This topic is referring to temperance/prohibition. The banning of alcohol the 18th amendment affected the lives of Americans because the men would drink and it would waist the family's money and bring disaster to the family's and the wives did not want the husbands to drink alcohol so they tried to ban alcohol and succeeded until it was legalized in the 21st amendment.
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votes for woman

This photo is portraying the freedom of woman. This topic is referring to political change for woman. This affected mostly american woman because they now have the right to vote which is the 19th amendment and they now have a chance to let there voice be heard.
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