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August 27-31, 2018

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from J-

Congrats on the first full week! Keep up the awesomeness this next week, with a well-deserved Labor Day weekend coming soon-

First, a shout-out and kudos to the Blended Learning team, along with support from Professional Learning, Curriculum Team, and IT for IGNiTE deployment!

On Thursday, Aug 30, your leadership team reps (Delta) team will be coming together. If you have any items you wish to be considered as agenda topics, please connect with your feeder reps: Jen (Hillcrest), Lora (Central), Laura (Glendale), Lael (Kickapoo), or Amy (Parkview). Jason will also be there as SAESP prez.

Mike and I have started our rounding visits. Looking forward to connecting with each of you at your site between now and the end of September.

This issue of the RAH is full of Curriculum updates for your awareness, and to share out with your buildings peeps.

Lessons in Personhood

"But also be: To truly lead is to pay attention to who we are in the downtime, in the margins. To help them become the best people they are capable of becoming, we must first be those people."

Medicaid Update

SPS generates revenue through two school-based Medicaid programs:

· Direct Services billing is for students who receive related services as part of their IEP – our licensed Speech/Language Pathologists, Occupational and Physical Therapists provide these services.

· SDAC-School District Administrative Claiming

We receive reimbursement for administrative activities such as:

§ Coordination of medical and mental health related services covered by Medicaid.

§ Linking students to Medicaid services.

§ Monitoring the delivery of medical and mental health services performed in the school district.

Because of your role/job classification with SPS, you are included as someone who may perform an administrative activity that would be considered under SDAC.

· You must complete annual training via email from Fairbanks. Please watch for this email and complete in a timely manner.

· You may also receive a Random Moment Survey, again from Fairbanks, as part of the data collection process. You will be asked for specific information about what you were doing during that exact moment. Please complete this survey immediately.

Should you have any questions, please contact Pam Marion, Assistant Director of Special Services.

From Mike-

As J and I make our rounds to visit with you over the course of the year, we want to be intentional to support you and be a resource for those specific focus areas outlined by the district. In an effort to help you plan for the direction of our meeting discussions I am sharing the document that will drive our conversations. You can view it HERE. This document includes several possible discussion items and guiding questions to help us focus on the priority metrics surrounding academics, discipline, and attendance.

Thanks for all of your efforts to support your teams during these first days of school. Your leadership and preparation has resulted in great feedback from your staff about the wonderful start we’ve experienced across the district. The culture of positivity, teamwork, and focus on student learning begins with you.

If there is anything I can do to help you please don’t hesitate to email, text, or call. Have a great week!

Classroom Disorder

“We shouldn’t change the classroom to accommodate the student who is struggling. We should change the classroom because the classroom is the problem.“

Upcoming Learning Support Events

  • August 28 - Integrated Unit Revisions (Grades 1-3) (8-3 )

  • August 29 - Integrated Unit Revisions (Grades 1-3) (8-3)

  • August 29 - TST Facilitator Training (4-6pm)

  • August 30 - Integrated Unit Revisions (Grades K-4) (8-3)

  • August 30 - Club Encore Liaison Training (4-6pm)

  • August 31 - Integrated Unit Revisions (Grades K-4) (8-3)

  • September 4 - Integrated Unit Revisions (Grades 2-5) (8-3)

  • September 4 - Master Learner Numeracy Yr. 1 - (K) (8-11)

  • September 4 - Master Learner Numeracy Yr. 1 - (1st) (12:30-3:30)

  • September 4 - Club Encore Tutor Training at Parkview HS (4-6)

  • September 5 - Integrated Unit Revisions (Grades 2-5) (8-3)

  • September 5 - Master Learner Numeracy Yr. 1 - (2nd) (8-11)

  • September 5 - Master Learner Numeracy Yr. 1 - (3rd) (12:30-3:30)

  • September 5 - Club Encore Tutor Training - (4:00-6:00 pm)

  • September 6 - Master Learner Numeracy Yr. 1 - (4th) (8-11)

  • September 6 - Master Learner Numeracy Yr. 1 - (5th) (12:30-3:30)

  • September 6 - Master Learner Institute Yr. 1 - (Elementary) (8-11)

  • September 11 - Kindergarten ELA Curriculum Writing (8:30-3:30)

  • September 12 - 1st Grade ELA Curriculum Writing (8:30-3:30)

  • September 13 - Master Learner Institute Yr. 2 (K-5 PBL) (8-11)

  • September 11th,13th, or 18th (TBD) - Elementary PE CDC (12-3)

  • September 13 - Nature Unleashed Training - 3rd grade teachers

  • September 18 - 2nd Grade ELA Curriculum Writing (8:30-3:30)

  • September 19 - 3rd Grade ELA Curriculum Writing (8:30-3:30)

  • September 20 - Master Learner Institute Yr. 3 (8-3)

  • September 24 - #SPSMathChat (8-9 pm)

  • September 25 - 4th Grade ELA Curriculum Writing (8:30-3:30)

  • September 26 - 5th Grade ELA Curriculum Writing (8:30-3:30)

  • September 26 - Math Contest Sponsor Training (4-5:30)

  • September 27 - Integrated Unit Revisions (Grades K-1) (8-3 )

  • September 28 - Integrated Unit Revisions (Grades K-1) (8-3 )

The 5 things to do in the first month of school

For educators who feel overwhelmed at the start of the year, these simple actions can help you get centered and focused

from our Leaders in Curriculum

Literacy Connection

During the first month of reader’s and writer’s workshop, teachers have two goals:

  1. Help students think of themselves as readers and writers..

  2. Establish the roles and routines.

The following documents will assist teachers in setting up Reader’s Workshop.

Numeracy Connection

Elementary teachers were required to attend a training on Math Workshop at SPS Activate. I have attached it here if you would like to review the content your teachers were given. The major points included:

  • Workshop has two different structures: some days 1-2/week might be spent on whole class problem solving through PrBL tasks or Inquiry problems. 3-5/days per week will be the Math Workshop model that includes small group instruction and stations. Teachers were told to get clarification on this by their principal on building expectations. Remember that we have resources for getting started with Math Workshop on Canvas in the CIA course here.

  • Teachers were also given some research articles on fluency and instructed that timed fact tests are not a supported practice by the National Council of Mathematics Teachers (NCTM) or SPS. We are piloting a new strategy focused fluency program in several classrooms this year. Number Talks are the best way to build fluency and number sense.

  • Mindset is the huge predictor of student success and students should receive the message that:

    • Everyone Can Learn Math

    • Mistakes Matter

    • Depth Not Speed


  • We are so excited to be holding our first #SPSMathChat on Twitter starting in September. Teachers were given an opportunity to receive a free copy of the book Math Workshop by Jennifer Lempp. Some buildings chose to use this as a PLC study as well. We have had over 250 people sign up to be a part of this chat! The author of the book has agreed to facilitate a couple of our chats and the rest will be led by aspiring math leaders in our district. If you have teachers who have not signed up but are still interested, here is the form to request a book. This is the flyer that was sent out in May.

  • Prior to the first chat, we will hold a 30 minute pre-chat “Twitter Chat 101” for those who are new to this type of professional learning. Details are coming shortly and will be sent via email to all teachers and principals. I have also prepared a video that leads teachers through how to get started that can be viewed here.

Math Intervention

  • Learning Support has purchased a new math intervention resource for the upcoming school year. This resource, Bridges Intervention by Math Learning Center, is meant to be a Tier 2 intervention for small group instruction in the classroom or with intervention specialists at the building. We will also be using this as a resource for intervention in Club Encore.

  • The Math Learning Center boxes have been delivered to your buildings. Please do NOT unpack them until your staff has had training.

This is a very busy year in the math department as we are adopting resources for secondary classrooms and writing curriculum. I have already had many requests to come speak with staff. Please send me requests as soon as possible so that I can make sure I get you on the calendar. I love coming to sites and working with teachers and don’t want to have to turn any of these opportunities down because we didn’t get them on the calendar soon enough!

Physical Education and Health

  • 2018 Curriculum Adoption Equipment has all been delivered. Teachers should use the distribution spreadsheet to ensure they received all equipment. Adoption equipment should be used primarily for implementation of curriculum based lessons / activities. Teachers have been instructed to not make new equipment available for recess and before/after school programs.

  • PE teachers now have the opportunity to sign up for the new Heart Rate Course for 2 weeks at their sites. We now have 3 units for district use.

  • If you are interested in a brain break training at a faculty meeting or PL day, please contact Brad Brummel to schedule this learning opportunity.

  • Please share any success stories with the new Physical Education Twitter handle @SPS_PhysEd

Club Encore

  • Please make sure you have listed your site’s Club Encore Liaison on the Learning Support Representatives sheet.

  • Brochures have already been mailed to students who are eligible for Club Encore.

  • You will receive a list of eligible students soon, but we are currently working on getting these separated by building so you do not have to sort through all SPS students.

  • The online registration site is open, and students have already started registering. The website is

  • We are still accepting applications for tutors. The link to apply to be a tutor can be found here.

  • Supplies may begin arriving at your site as early as next week. Please inform your custodians that these supplies will be coming and to store them in a safe place. Liaisons will learn what to do with these supplies at their training.

  • Club Encore liaison training is scheduled for August 30th from 4:15-6:00 at KAC.

    • A separate training will be held at KAC on August 28th from 4:00-5:30 for schools who have ALICE Training on September 30th. These schools include Westport, Mann, Sherwood, Sunshine, Truman, and Jeffries.

  • Club Encore tutor training will be on September 4th from 4:15-6:00 at Parkview High School.

    • A separate training will be held at KAC on September 5th from 4:00-5:30 for schools who have ALICE Training on September 4th. These schools include Pleasant View, Hickory Hills, Rountree, Twain, Disney, and Gray.

  • If you receive any calls or emails about Club Encore that you do not feel comfortable addressing, please direct them to Hannah Parsley at 417-523-0038 or

Teacher Support Team (TST)

  • Please make sure you have listed your site’s TST Facilitator on the Learning Support Representatives sheet.

  • TST facilitator training is scheduled for August 29th from 4:15-6:00 at KAC.

Elementary Science

  • Working on revising Integrated Units

  • Science Consumable money has been transferred - email sent to building secretary and principal

  • Nature Unleashed training for 3rd grade teachers who have not attended - This training allows 3rd grade teachers to take a field trip to an approved location paid for by the Conservation Department