Mythology & Contributions

Ancient Greece

Ancient Greek Contributions

Some Ancient Greek contributions include: Art, Architecture, Math & Science, Theater, etc. Art was mostly pottery and was depicted in everyday life. The colors that were used to make their pottery were the colors of orange and black. As for Architecture they created the world famous columns that are used now in many houses. Math & Science was geometry, medicines, and astronomy. Theater was a common pastime in Greece and a bunch of outdoor theaters were built all across ancient Greece. It was full of comedy and of course drama!


Mythology includes so many ancient gods and goddesses. Athena is my most favorite goddess and she is the goddess of wisdom & war. Hades was the evil underworld god and Zeus was the sky god. Here are a few more gods & goddesses and what they are the god or goddess of. Aphrodite= Love, Ares= War, Hercules= Strength, Hera= Marriage, etc.