"Operation Torch"

By Jarvis W.

How it happened?

On 8 November, 1942 British-Americans invaded French North Africa during the North African Campaign during the Second World War. The Allies organized three task forces to take the key ports and airports of Morocco and Algeria also targeting Casablanca, Oran and Algiers. Successful completion of these operations was to be followed by an advance eastwards into Tunisia.

The Western Task Force comprised American units. This Western Task Force consisted of the U.S. 2nd Armored Division and the U.S. 3rd and 9th Infantry Divisions ,35,000 troops in a convoy of over 100 ships. They were transported directly from the U.S. in the first of a new series of UG convoys providing logistic support for the North African campaign.

Operation Torch

November 8, 1942

French Morocco and French Algeria