Andy Pham

Criteria of a Utopia

In a Utopia, there must never be violence. Everyone is content of what they have. And everyone is treated equally. Resources / Food is plentiful. And we treat the Earth and animals very nicely.

My Utopia

Any society needs a source of energy, in my Utopia they will use all types of green energies such as solar, wind, thermal, and water.

When trees are cut down, we will make sure to bury 3x the amount of seeds.

Our law system will have a large arrange of individuals who will act as jury, each educated.

My Utopia would focus on creating jobs by studying new forms of science and trying new things.

John Lennon - Imagine - Lyrics
The John Lennon song - Imagine, describes a world without many things that we have. Making it perfect. This relates to a Utopia because a Utopia is a world/society that is perfect. This song is saying we would have a Utopia if the world was different.

Why LOTF isn't a Utopia

In LOTF there is violence, sickness, fear, hunger, and chaos.

All of these are prime examples of things that do not exist in a Utopia.

LOTF Quotes that prove it isn't a Utopia.

“Bollocks to the rules! We’re strong—we hunt!" - Jack

This shows that there are already people who disagree and which to break the rules and also shows that they have degraded themselves to nothing more than a primate.

"They were used now to stomach-aches and a sort of

chronic diarrhea. They suffered untold terrors in the dark and huddled

together for comfort."

This shows both sickness and fear. In a Utopia, sickness would be rare, if not impossible. Fear would be a very uncommon thing as well.

"“Kill the pig! Cut his throat! Kill the pig! Bash him in!”

Ralph too was fighting to get near, to get a handful of that brown,

vulnerable flesh. The desire to squeeze and hurt was over-mastering."

This shows that even Ralph, the head of the island can succumb to savagery. This would never happen in a Utopia.