Gilded LilyDots Team Newsletter

LUCKY you, Spring is in the air!

LUCK has nothing to do with success!

Sure we've all been that person who looks at the Top this and Top that reports and think..."oh she's been doing it for a long time", "she lives in a rich community", "she doesn't have kids or any responsibilities and just works her business all the time", "she just gets lucky and books all those shows", "she knows all these people to ask about joining our team"....the list goes on!

But the real truth...are y'all ready for this? LUCK HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SUCCESS! It's not like the universe has picked a certain number of people at random and said...Those! We are going to make those people lucky. NO!

When I talk to any of the leaders on our team, on our uplines, within the company, within other companies the one thing they have in common is HARDWORK and strong work ethics. They also try and not take rejection personally.

Jessica spoke briefly on a book that I have actually read called "Daring Greatly" by Brene Brown. She tells us that We all have a fear of failure and a sense of not being enough. I personally have a very strong fear of failing at booking trunk shows, and not being enough for my growing team as I am also learning to be a mom at the same time.

Look at yourselves and ask the question....If I could not fail, I would ____________? Fill in that blank. Post it on our team page and let's have open and honest chat about what we would do if we could not fail in March! Imagine what luck would look like for you in March. And then map a plan to make it happen!

Want 2 more shows this month? Guess what....they won't fall into your lap. According to what we know, you will need to talk to at least 20 people for that to happen. And then the next month will be filled with shows from guests you meet this month!

Follow along with the home office Mad Hatter tracking and let's do great things with spring on the horizon! Women are dying to get out of this cold weather and style for spring. And just are earning for Jamaica all along!

Bring the LUCK of the stylish this month, and thanks for ALL you do!



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Summer Coupon Earners

Who will be joining this group of super stylists who have already earned their $500 in summer product for $99 by selling $2,000 between Jan 1 - March 31?! You've seen the summer preview collection and you are probably swooning! I know you will want it all (think tunics! think gorgeous new bags and totes!) You have until the end of this month. GO FOR IT!

Hope Cole

Jean Kuo

Anne-Marie Martin

Amy McGuire


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Huge Congrats to Amy McGuire and her team on their promotion!

Top in Sales

#4 - Jean Kuo $1,192

#5 - Sally Essig $1,163

#6 - Lindy Turnbull $1,071

#7 - Anne-Marie Martin $998

#8 - Morgan Williams $729

#9 - Liz Bishop $431

#10 - Erin Starling $429

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Glam Getaway

Remember that for every TRUNK SHOW and personal SALE you are making, you are earning toward an amazing getaway to JAMAICA man! I can tell you from personal experience, these glam trips are simply the best! You get sneak peeks, you get beach and poolside time with execs from home office who always spill the beans after a few drinks on things to come! :) The bonding with other stylists is amazing. Who wants to come along?

Most # of Trunk Shows Held

Amy McGuire - 3

Jean Kuo - 3

Sally Essig - 3

Morgan Williams - 3

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Happenings this Month:

Summer Preview: Enjoy 50% off Summer preview collection and selected spring pieces through this Wednesday, March 11th!

April Autism Awareness Month: We are excited to partner up with Holly Rod Foundation once again where all the proceeds from the sale of our Visionary Bracelet in April will go to help fund Autism research. The bracelet is available to sample right now at 50% off!

HOOPLA: My favorite 6 letter word! :) It is never too early to start planning your amazing business getaway we call Hoopla! It is a not to be missed event that happens in Vegas this year July 16-19! All the details are in the lounge. If you do nothing else for you business, you need to experience Hoopla one time and see how it changes you personally and professionally for the better. I always recommend putting aside 1 TS earnings per month and you've paid your way!

Team Incentive

Booking and sponsoring is the heart of this business! Make it a habit. Reach out to 2 people each day, that equals 14 a week, that's 56 on average a month, which means you will book a show or sponsor a stylist consistently each month! What do you have to lose? The answer is always NO if you do not ask the question! SO for this month, every stylist on our team who books and holds 4+ TS will win a $100 Stella & Dot gift card from me OR half of your HOOPLA registration for FREE! EVEN BETTER.....EVERY stylist on our team who sponsors 1+ person this month and that new stylist goes on to hit $1k in their first 30 days, you BOTH will receive a $200 S&D gift card OR your HOOPLA registration paid in FULL from me! Let's make March our LUCKIEST month ever!