The 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami


The Tsunami took place in 2004 and flooded all of the streets.


It took place off the coast of Thailand and came from the Indian Ocean.


Tsunamis form in two different ways. The first is when the tectonic plates shift. The plates move closer and closer, which means one is shoved under the other. But eventually the plate cannot take it anymore and it snappes which created a wave of water. The other way is earth quakes. When and earth quake happens it starts in the middle of the ocean and shakes the ground which makes smaller waves.

Other facts

The Tsunami was spotted off the coast and the tourists thought it was a big wave. But the localists new it was a Tsunami and they tried to warn the tourists but some didn't want to leave. The Tsunami flooded the streets and damaged many houses but it was not as bad as otherTsunami that have happened in the past.

Comparing Tsunamis to Hurricanes and Tornadoes

Tsunamis are very different from Hurricanes and Tornadoes. Hurricanes are formed when the wind starts to pick up and make a huge storm over the ocean. The storm then sucks water into the air. The storm then starts moving toward land which then rains the water on to the land and the wind blows trees and destroys buildings. Tornadoes are formed when hot air starts to rise and the cool air sinks. But one the hot air goes high in to the sky it starts to cool down so it sinks. Then the opposite happens for the cold air and the air starts to swirl which creates a tornado. This happens frequently which is why tornado are more common then Hurricanes.