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Don't miss TWO opportunities to win FREE Jewelry this week!

1. The first one could not be any easier! Simply complete a 2 minute survey to win a necklace. That's it! I value you and your feedback!

2. See Valentine's Booking in Tight incentive below. Please post your new FEB shows booked in tight on our stellardots facebook page by SUNDAY to be entered to win! (hint, we only have a few who have posted, so your ODDS of winning are great!)

BOOK in TIGHT and be entered to win a necklace from me! 3 prizes below to win!

Valentine's Flash Incentive!

Love is in the air! It's the prefect time to get your girlfriends together for some shopping, bubbly and bling! And guess what? While many have plans the 14th with friends and family, next week is the BEST time to book a last minute show! You can offer to do a PJ party next Tues or Thurs with one of your friends. You can do a POP up SHOP at a salon, Boutique or Office. You can also book your own Girls night out next week to gather friends, connect and shop for all their Valentine's. I booked two for next week with A PJ Theme. We are keeping it super casual and fun and inviting ladies in the Neighborhood over in their PJ's and ROBES to enjoy chocolate, bubbly and of course some shopping time. While the guests on THUR won't have gifts yet for the 14th, I can almost guarantee they won't mind. They will most likely be shopping for themselves and will be excited when their packages arrive the following week. I'm also happy to sell a few pieces off my table for those that need a quick gift to take home. I find myself more confident in booking in tight when I have a Holiday Theme such as Valentine's Day! So reach out today and offer to spoil your hosts by bringing the bling and offering a fun theme and excuse to gather the women in their lives together for some much deserved girl time. And even if you don't book in tight with a host, YOU can book your own girls night out at your home! You can be the Stylist, and the HOST and earn commission and Hostess rewards! Most women know what they have on their calendar next week, so invite them over for some shopping and girl time! We can all book own show for next week! It's easy!

How do you win? what's the fine print?

All new shows booked today thought Sunday for dates in FEBRUARY are entered to win some BLING! Shows must be booked in FEB to count. Shows currently booked do not count. After your Trunk show is entered in the system you can take a screen shot and post on our Stellar Dot team page. Post a picture including your date and time under the FLASH incentive post that is pinned up top!

Three winners will be picked on Sunday, so you have all week long to book in tight. You know the real prize is the commission you earn at shows, the glam points earned, and the feeling you have when you are focusing on the core of our business, BOOKING!

Let's work together and celebrate each new show booked. Encourage your new Stylists and your team to book in tight with you. Use the words to say and our cute valentines images. Remind your hosts that it's a simple trunk show, not a wedding. It's a last minute happy hour with girlfriends, and we love all shows, both big and small. Our goal is a fun night with shopping and girl time, not the sales. The Jewelry sells itself and the orders will come in before, during and after your Style session.

I find that when I'm relaxed and excited, my hosts feel the same way. I always try to remind them that my "JOB" as a stylist is my guilt free Girls night out too, where I too get to relax with women and meet new friends. So even if our Style session is small, or we only have a few ladies drop by, it's ok! It's still a fun night out for me to connect with women and have a great time. Worst case, we relax over bubbly and chocolate and play dress up with our new collection. I also remind hosts that they can always collect outside orders from friends and family out of the area to help them maximize their hostess credits.

What do i say? Use your own words and keep it personal. Below is what I might say:

Hi Carol,

How are you? I wanted to reach out to you and let you know I have two openings next week for a last minute Style session. My Feb hosts are loving the Valentine's Theme Style sessions, as they are a fun excuse to get some ladies together for some guilt free girl time. Feb is also a great time to be one of our fist host to feature our new collection. One of my hosts is doing a PJ party from 7-9 and having friends come over in PJs and robes to sip bubbly and shop! Another is doing a last minute girls get together after school drop off from 9-11. She is keeping simple with just coffee and heart shaped cookies. Sometimes the last minute shows are the best. Low key, last minute and fun. Attached are some cute images we can share on your invite and through social media with some cute Valentine's images. As always, we have some great Trunk show specials for your girlfriends and you earn a ton of free Jewelry as a host. I'd be happy to set up a evite for you today to send out a quick email, and I'm also happy to drop of a few pieces today for you to wear out and about. Just by wearing one our statement pieces, you will get people asking about your Jewelry and you can invite them over. I can also drop off some post cards for you to pass out to women this weekend that you might run into? Love to see you and catch up! I know you are going to love our new collection. You are always such a great customer, and I'd love to spoil you with free Jewelry this time as a host. Let me know if Tue or Thur works better. I am available 9-11 or 7-9. Hope to hear from you! Have a great day! xo Shaina

Bay Area Stylists, don't forget to register today for your early bird discount at our WED night meet up!

Prices go from $5 to $10 after Sunday, so please register early for best pricing!

Join me tonight at 6pm for a team ONLINE favebook training. Wear your PJ's and simply log in to join us for Q&A and New Stylist training!

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