Complete guide on how to install

subong palang studiohan paano i bolt.

this is how nipis the plate is

Either metal sheet will be flat up against the marble slab or I have a provision to send 1/2 thk. flat bar strip placed on sides and top lenght across. (see drawing).

I don't want you naga pang ngap kap kamo on how to install. Or it'll take another period of time before ma install ini kay mapaminsar pa kamo of the "How to's". That's why with these illustration you can simulate the material and abang how to put it up.

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THE IMAGE sample2

Lettering size is down to 2 1/2" not 3" , ano Mark ? ma visualize mo ?

out of 12" total ht. , we fit in the lines and spacing. Anyway graphically, mas may impact man ni sya because of the fonts.

You see the image of the lady ? That's on the same material as the business card photo.

Image 1- shows photo is scanned straight up.

Image 2 - ( photo not good) another way to etch the image to the sheet. Depending on the quality of photo,

i will decide which approach. Wala kaso kung old, ipa photoshopped ko nalang, another day or two delay. wala kaso.

image 1...How the image will come out

I am more concerned na smooth ang installation nyo the moment the marker arrives there. I will send all the screws, drill bit, template,

high performance glue. I will have to source out tom..

Patricia, by Weds. ma proof read na ko sang fonts' Where are the changes in dates, (' on spelling) I am asking you ? give me the Psalms if you have. Martin, the photo ?

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