Summers' Scoop

December 14, 2015

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

I hope you are receiving our LMES Nautical Notes by mail this year. You can also access our monthly school newsletter by going to theLake Murray Elementary School Website. This is a great way to stay on top of events at our school and keep up with important dates to mark on your calendar!

Wee Deliver at LMES

This week, students will start writing letters to friends, family members at LMES, and teachers using the Wee Deliver Mail Program. This will be a fun way for students to stay in touch with others by writing letters. We will use the Staff and Student Directory to correctly address the envelopes which will then be delivered by student volunteers. Ask your child later this week who they sent their first Wee Deliver letter to.

Multiplication Quizzes

Students have been prepared and are ready for their multiplication quizzes. Thank YOU for helping your child study on a daily basis for these fact fluency quizzes. Don't forget about using as one way to study multiplication facts.

Next Quizzes:

December 16 - Practice Mixed Facts Quiz

January 6 - Mixed Facts Quiz*

*Mixed Quizzes will take place every Wednesday starting in January. Many students have trouble with mixed quizzes, so please study all facts in order to be ready for the mixed quizzes.

Classroom Needs

Thank you to Noah and Isabella who have brought in some school supplies to share with the class! Here are a few other items that we are in need of in class, if you also want to share:

  • pencils
  • pencil cap erasers
  • legal envelopes to use with the mail program

Math Update

We have started Chapter 6/Multiplication and Division Patterns. Much of this chapter is a review of the operations of multiplication and division, so we will move quickly through the lessons and combine lessons where possible. We will have a quiz on the first part of the chapter mid-week.

ELA Update

There will not be a spelling list this week. We will start back with spelling when we return in January.

This week in ELA, we will be identifying main idea and key details of passages. Students will be using the main idea and key details to summarize informational texts.

Our class will continue our grammar study this week with a review nouns and adjectives.

Science Update

This week, we study slow changes to land including: weathering, erosion, and deposition. We will also review the topics of water features, land features, and rapid changes to land.

Our test covering the topics of water features, land features, slow changes, and rapid changes to land will be towards the end of the week. Watch for a study guide to come home!

Social Studies Update

This week, we will begin reading about the American Revolution in Chapter 5. This will be an interesting chapter as we read about some of the heroes who played an important role in the American Revolution and South Carolina History.

Upcoming Dates

December 9-16 - Operation Angel

Friday, December 18 - Last Day before Winter Break

December 21 - January 1 - Winter Break

Monday, January 4 - First Day back after Winter Break