By Aleksandr F


The orangutan is under the species of the great apes. Orangutans come in the Sumatran and the Bornean type, living on the islands Sumatra and Borneo. The scientific name for the Sumatran is Pongo Abelli and the Bornean is Pongo Pygmaeus.


Orangutans are great orange apes. Infact, they are the largest arboreal mammal on the Earth. Orangutans have massively long arm span of up to two metres. Those huge long arms are the hugest cannons in the rainforest. At the end of those cannons are extremely powerful hands that can manipulate tools, just like humans! Males are 1.5 metres tall and weigh up to 120 kilograms while females are 1 metre tall and weigh up to 45 kilograms.


The Orangutans live in rainforests or the jungle. The rainforests or jungles they live in are located in Indonesian and Malaysian Borneo and Sumatra. They mostly live in the canopy of the trees, 70 metres high. They build their beds out of branches and leaves in the tree. The beds the Orangutans make are non fertile as they are non fussy. They only make 1 bed a night. If the leaves are green the bed is new, if the leaves are brown the bed is old.


Some Orangutans try to imitate humans, since they know we're from their race. They imitate by manipulating tools and trying to use them the way we do. The Orangutans also act like us because, we all know that females are social, well it's the same with orangutans. Females spend 25% of their time with others while males only spend 9% of their time with others.


The orangutans have 1 main thing they live on, fruit (ripe fruit). They can also live on leaves and bark for weeks or even months, depends on how old they are. This diet is called there starvation diet. However, they prefer fruit a lot more. Those fruits include figs, durian, rambutan and jackfruit.


There are so many threats that threat the orangutans existence and the main reason is us, the humans. Their population is shrinking rapidly which means they are getting more and more endangered. Another terrible thing that is that 3 quarters of the world's population of orangutans live outside captivity and those 3 quarters' habitat's are being destroyed. All their habitat is getting stolen from them and people are planting meaningless oil palm plantations. We then realise that our precipitous actions will wipe out their species.


Human scientists have found orangutan fossils of up to 1.8 million years ago. Please wipe them out after all this time they've been around. Their population is only 40,000 and 31 of those forty thousand live in Indonesian and Malaysian Borneo. That means only 9,000 live in Sumatra. That is not enough. That's only because so many people are acting precipitously and planting oil palm plantations. They say we should not plant oil plantations when they are the ones who are planting them.