Corrosion With Coke

which soda is "heathier", the results may suprise you!

corrosion or oxidation?

My results were that Sprite corroded worse than Dr pepper, or coke. Coke usually gets a bad rap for being unhealthier than the other two sodas, apparently everyone is wrong because coke actually made the metal shiny at first! Dr pepper did in the middle, as i thought it would, and sprite surprised me because usually I hear that it is “healthier” apparently that is not true. I have heard rumors when working for the facts in my introduction that coke will corrode an iron nail in about three days, and that is FALSE!!!!!! Coke apparently seems to be healthier than either of the others. The corrosion did not cause pitting, so i guess it would be more oxidation than corrosion. The oxidation came in the form of a black powder that formed on the metal. maybe coke had less of the ingredient that has caused the powdery substance. It seems that Coca-Cola came out a real winner!

Report By: John Gennusa