Live United

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Heather Quaas

For many years, Heather Quaas helped raise money for the United Way: as an emerging leader and employee donation coordinator for her office.

Then in 2011 she found herself unable to pay her own bills, let alone have money to spare. With the United Way’s help, she’s now back in her rallying role.

After losing her job with the county and getting divorced, Quaas was “grocery shopping” in her mother’s fridge and fending off cut-off notices for utilities. She knew about 211 from her work for the United Way; she called the help line sobbing. She was referred to several programs supported by the United Way.

Now Heather and their family are back on their feet and back to track to being able to Live United.

"I wouldn't be where I am without the United Way and their partner agencies." - Heather Quaas