Who’s ready to add a little EXTRA this month?

Who is ready to join the fun?

I have no doubt that April will be a special, fantastic, hugely fun…. well quite frankly an EXTRAORDINARY month. :) For starters if you want to work your business/hobby smart, it’s time to reengage. I suggest two things:

  1. Plan on selling $500. (can be a trunk show, sharing the style with some friends, selling autism bracelets and/or making some moms happy on Mother’s Day)
  2. Share our sign up special (seriously $199 and you can have $750 in jewelry—no brainer to try… share, follow up and keep it simple. Just looking for a few people who want to try having a few trunk shows in 60 days and see how they like it) Don’t worry about training, I will help you, help them.

Why these two things?

Sell $500 to be on your way to the next sampling coupon (HO changed up the earning a bit.. more info below), earn the commemorative “extraordinary” bracelet and be entered into Tysh’s drawing for a weekend for 2 in Galveston Island.

Why share the sponsoring special? Why not? No better time. And you have nothing to lose but so much to gain. Share, share, share. Don’t over think it and don’t give up. I just shared it for the 5th time with my college roommate and my jaw dropped with she said we can talk about it tomorrow. I guess persistency is key.

I’ll be honest, I am not stopping there…. I plan on going big in April and really build some momentum to carry me closer to my goal of that diamond necklace and trip to Costa Rica. I WILL get that diamond necklace in April. I plan to do this with a mix of trunk shows and vendor events. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to sell but sponsoring is where I fall short and this month I am going to focus on it first. And yes this is out of my comfort zone. Really it is. For as much as I sell and the amount of people I meet on a monthly basis, my sponsoring numbers should be significantly higher. I do it well for a while and then after a few no’s, I give up. Not this month. Some way, some how my goal is to talk to (not just email) at least 100 people. Why 100? Because it’s scary to me and I want to create a new habit. I found a partner in crime to hold me accountable (my friend and Associate Director Jennifer Martzolf) and I hope you all will hold me accountable too. I’ll share my efforts and results this month on our team Facebook page.

Who else wants to declare a crazy goal?

I decided to have my goal be effort based and celebrate that as opposed to saying I will sponsor 5 people. As many of you know, even if we put the effort in we don’t always get the results we want in the timeframe we want them in. One thing I know is that whenever I put the effort in (whether it’s to book trunk shows or sponsoring) great things happen….. eventually. Sooooo I’m focusing on this BIG EFFORT sooner than later this month.

What effort do you want to improve? I’d love to help.

With Jessica’s book launching, I predict we’ll see a lot of momentum (similar to that of Undercover Boss). Get ready. Now is the time to get off the sidelines and into the action. Join me on the field my friends and let’s play ball!

It’s go time.


Look who went MAD in March!

For starters, I'd like to welcome Taryn Potter to our team and congratulate Nathalie Strickland for growing her team in her Jumpstart!

Congratulations to our top 10 in March sales for our team! You are all well on your way to earning your diamond necklace for free (so smart) and more! Use the follow from your March sales to keep the momentum going in April and beyond!

Jennifer Beed Pisani $7854 (earned 32% commission too!)

Julie Holdsworth $4687 (earned 30% commission too!)

Wendy Cheatham Moulton $3337 (earned 30% commission too!)

Taylor Jedlowski $2107 (earned 30% commission too!)

Carrie Smith $2047 (earned 30% commission too!)

Gretchen Hageman $1817

Bernadette Chavez Hubacher $1709

Mimi McCarter Cunningham $1334

Amy Ray $1209

Eleanor Vigorito Pieton $1111

Sampling for the summer line is this week. For complete schedule and details check here:…/p…/pages/upcoming-launch

Look who earned their coupon and $401 in free product:

Jennifer Beed Pisani

Mimi McCarter Cunningham

Julie Holdsworth

Wendy Cheatham Moulton

Ashley Hice

Carrie Smith

Nathalie Hartz Strickland

Alex Scandrett

Amy Ray

Jill Law Neil

Amie Whitaker Cuellar

Lori Shryock Birkel

Bernadette Chavez Hubacher

Katie Craney

Eleanor Vigorito Pieton

Erin Flesch

Taylor Jedlowski

Katarina Cerny

Oly Marina

Gretchen Hageman

If your name isn't on this list and you want it to be for our next sampling period, take action now! Starting this quarter you can earn this free product by qualifying each month in the quarter (selling $500) or selling $2000 in a quarter. So doable with a plan and some action and so smart and fun!

Congrats to these stylist who are sampling $200 in free product for $69 by selling between $1999- $500 in the quarter.

Kristen Danko

Jennifer Jen Navarro

Addie Rasmusson

Jessica Endres

Brenda Kakita

Sylvia Marin

Brooke Allison

Martha Marnie Salazar

Kayla Sandquist

Sarah Aiello

Sally Balvanz

Tara Tara Such Ritchie

Stephanie Lee

Diane Diane Smith Grundberg

Alice Alice Hoalst Knaack

Brianna Barrett

Lisa Conte Barnett

Erin Pauls

Alyssa Greiber

Jennifer Davis-Rivera

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