Apple Store vs. Google Play

A comparison between the two.

Areas of Focus

I believe the Apple Store is more focused on selling music and promoting it more than Google Play is, but Google Play is more focused on games. When I think Apple Store I just think music because that's all I ever use the apple store for, not games or books, but Google Play I think games.


To the looks of it Google Play is more expensive. Google Play go from anywhere from $0.99-$6.99, and the Apple Store is mainly $0.99.

One has it the other doesn't.

One app I have that is on the Apple Store and not the Google Play is Pic Lab. It's for making editing pictures and stuff. I really like it for when I'm uploading a picture to Instagram and the doesn't fit in the box. Google Play does have apps like Pic Lab but none are up to my standards.


Google Play:

You must start a marketing email. Then create a developer profile on the Google Play. After that, you just have to play the fee which is only $25.

Apple Store:

You have to join the programming, which is free, then just pay $99.

More Apps.

When it comes to who has more apps it would be Apple. You could type in a word and there would be like 20 apps for that. Google Play you don't get that lucky. You have to have the name of the app when searching.

The Apple Store is more likely to have bugs in the apps because of all the apps they allow on their store. Which this would mean that the quality isn't that great. Google Play seems more picky with the apps they put on their store and the quality is great.