1. Election of Kennedy;when, what party he belonged to, how close was the election, etc… The New Frontier

Kennedy ran as a Democrat, went against the Republican Nixon, was one of the closest presidential elections, but Kennedy was able to win.

The New Frontier was Kennedy’s plan that:

  • supported civil rights

  • pushed for the space program

  • cut taxes

  • increases expenses for the military

2. The Cold War… “Flexible Response,” Kennedy and Vietnam, Cuba, Berlin Crisis and construction of the Berlin Wall

The flexible response: Defense strategy that was implemented by Kennedy in 1961 that gave the United States the capability to respond to aggression across the spectrum of warfare

Kennedy And Vietnam:

  • Kennedy was adamant about containing communism

  • Continued Eisenhower’s foreign policy agenda for the most part

  • Financed an increase in South Vietnam’s army to combat threats against North Vietnam


  • Cuban missile crisis between Russia and United States

  • World was the closest it had ever been to nuclear warfare

  • Kennedy placed a naval blockade around Cuba once he figured out Russia was building nukes there

  • Luckily resulted in peace, as Cuba removed their nuclear weapons from Cuba after a tense stalemate

Berlin Crisis

  • Occured in 1961

  • Defended western Berlin forces return to the west, built a wall so no one could cross onto the other side

  • Standoff soon occurred between US and Soviet Union

  • Soviets soon withdrew and war was averted

3.Kennedy and Civil Rights

Civil Rights was a key issue in the election of 1960

More than 70 percent of African Americans voted for Kennedy


  • Appointed several African Americans to the administration

  • Strengthened the Civil Rights Commission

  • Favored school desegregation

  • Established the Congress of Racial Equality

  • Provided federal security for blacks to safely vote

  • Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee – Was a group established in 1960 to protest racial discrimination and were the ones responsible for creating the sit-in movement


  • Kennedy was in a motorcade in Dallas

  • Lee Harvey Oswald shoots at Kennedy

  • Kennedy is rushed to Parkland hospital and passes away

  • Johnson becomes the president after taking his oath on Air Force One