Closed Lunch Policy

And Why We Think It Should Change

It helps prove that students are responsible

Open campus lunch helps prove that students are responsible because on their own they must get to lunch, get lunch, and get back in the time provided. We can take attendance after lunch to find who is not responsible, and a certain number of absents or tardies will result in a punishment of some kind such as a money payment, punishment like no open lunch for that specific person, or extra work for people who are late.

Helps local businesses and restaurants.

The students that do decide to leave campus for lunch will probably go to a restaurant or store to get their lunch. This will provide businesses with more customers and will draw restaurants to move around our school. We will provide a better market in this area that will support local stores.


Variety of good, cheaper, and possibly healthier food.

When we leave the campus we are now able to have a wider variety of food. Cheaper and better tasting food. When we leave we also have the option of healthier food instead of what we have at school, including nachos, pizza, and chicken nuggets. Leaving the campus provides us with options and it is up to us how we choose.

In Conclusion...

In conclusion, I would like to say that open campus lunch should be in all of Keller ISD. School food is not as good, and in most cases more expensive for the food that you do get. I would like this policy to change, for these reasons I think that together as a school we should have it changed.