Hannah Cox

LIfe is like a book , so only you can write it.


Hi my name is Hannah Cox. I am a barrel racer and a flag roper. I like animals, art, music, and I Love my dog Cody. I am generally good with animals , I am people friendly ,and a good listener. I also like to do DIY stuff and be creative.

My career as...

When I grow up I would like to be a Psychologist. A Psychologist helps people with there emotional problems. The annual pay is 68,454.00 dollars a year. The job outlook is 60%. Psychologist is a human service type of job. The work hours are around 10 hours depending on how may clients that day. The work environment is usually a office. One cool thing about my job is that they have almost all people draw a cup of coffee or a coffee mug.

How I will get there

When I get older I would like to go to Mississippi Valley State University. MSU is located in Mississippi. The reason I would like to go there is because some of the worlds greatest psychologist have came from there. They have a good psychologist and human resource program. Also its kind of far but not to far from home. To be a psychologist you need to have a bachelors degree. The tuition is about 17000-24000. I would like to have a IEI scholarship or the AHEG scholarship.

.......... And that is what I want to be when I grow up