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The petroleum exporting countries (OPEC) is a permanent intergovernmental organization created at the baghdad conference on September 10-14 in 1960. Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela created the organization.
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The North American Free Trade Agreement is an agreement signed by Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. creating a rules-based, trade-bloc in North America. It came to force on January 1, 1994
NAFTA Explained: US History Review
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The Group of Twenty (G-20) is an international forum for the governments and central bank governors for the top 20 economies. G-20 was founded in 1999 in hope of studying, reviewing, and promoting high level discussion.
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The World Trade Organization (WTO) is an intergovernmental organization which regulates international trade.The WTO was created on January 1, 1995, under the Marrakech agreement.
World Trade Organization
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The European union (EU) is a unique economic and political partnership between 28 countries that cover most of the continent. The EU was created during the aftermath of WWII in 1958.
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