Gloves with love hats from heart

Why kids should wear hats and gloves.


We should donate and collect 1,000 hats and gloves. And try to persuade others to donate hats and gloves for the kids that do not have any.

January 5, 2015- February 9, 2015

ALL donations should be turned into Brookview Elementary!

Why kids SHOULD wear glove and hats in winter!

  1. So kids do not get frost bitten.
  2. So they will not get cold and freeze.
  3. So they will not get harmed by the cold air.

Donate hats and gloves

You should donate hats and gloves because you do not want your child or any one else's child to get frost bitten, get cold,and freeze. And also you can make a better place and a better world for those that are in need.

Teacher Contact info:

La'Kia Moore-Scott


Brookview Elmentary School

Melinda Pinner