By; Aysiah Heeren

What is Europa?

Europa is a moon. It is the 6th closest moon to Jupiter or in other words it orbits around Jupiter, and is the 4th of the Galilean Satellites.

Who discovered Europa?

The scientists that had discovered Europa were Simon Marius, and Galileo Galilei. They discovered the moon January 8th, 1610. Simon Marius was the first one that had discovered the moon(s). He just never told anyone. The Galileo Galilei was the next one too. After Galileo had found out about the stars he told a lot of people, which then got around to Simon Marius hearing about it. After Simon had heard about it he went and found Galileo then the both of them had started to study and work together to find out what they are and to name them.


  • The distance to Earth is 390,400,000 miles away.
  • orbital time is 85 hours. ( 3 1/2 days).
  • There is about twice as much liquid water on Europa than the Earth.
  • The diameter is 1,940 miles around.
  • Europa is sometimes referred to Jupiter number 2.


Europa is frozen, and is covered with a layer of ice. Scientists actually believe that there could be an ocean beneath the moon.

They believe that Europa is 4.5 billion years old.

The temperature of Europa is minus 160 degrees celsius, and rises above 360 degrees fahrenheit.

A mission to explore Jupiter's moon Europa