The Scientific Revolution

By: Madison Lee

The Change

The scientific revolution was an introduction to a new way of thinking. The scientific revolution began a new way of thinking for science. It also introduced new mathematical advances. The scientific revolution was able for the world to be where it is today. If not for the scientific revolution, we wouldn't be able to have half the things we own today! The scientific revolution introduced advancements in chemistry, medicine, machinery, astronomy, and. Mathematics. The revolution also opened another way of thinking for people.

People involved

Copernicus: astronomer; didn't take any astronomer classes; he took painting and maths; he believed that the solar system revolved around the sun(heliocentric theory); many people disagreed with him because it went against what the Bible a

Was implying.

Kepler: professionally oriented towards theology at the start of his career; he agreed with Copernicus; he created 3 laws of planetary motion

Galileo: researched the stars and moon that supported Copernicus' ideas; made improvement to the telescope; found objects accelerate at a predictable and a fixed rate; proved heavy objects fall at the same rate as lighter ones; research angered the Church, so they told him to stop but he didn't; the Church made him sign a comfession saying that the heliocentric theory was illegitimate; the Church threatened to toruture to torture him if he didn't; he then went under "house arrest".

Newton: mathematician; created 3 laws of motion; law of universal fravity ; Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosiphy

Impact on society at the time

During this time, everyone still believed from ancient times when Aristotle said that there were 5 invisible elements that made up the universe: fire, earth, water, air, and quintessence- made up the heavans. Galileo disagreed with this though. He proved Aritstotle wrong and made everyone move away from their old beliefs. Also, it made people look at things in a different way. For example, when the Church finally ammitted that the Heliocentric theory was correct, many people started to stray from the Church and it's teaching.

Impact on society today

The Scientific Revolution has impacted society today in technology and natural sciences. We have also used all our knowledge to usrmit for our own needs today. Like we are now learning to gain power from natural resources. We also have gained knowledge in our medicines. For example, we have been able to find cures that we have feared so much in the past; like the bubonic plague and the black death.


"Mathematics is the language in which God has written the universe." -Galileo

"Plato is my friend, Aristotle is my friend, but my best friend is Truth." -Newton