Nathan B. Nicole V. Victoria M.

Essential Question: How did the renaissance influence the culture of Europe today?

Basic Information

What is it? It is the time that culture changed from a dark age to the new modern styles of art, lifestyles, and science.
How did it start? When people start to express more interest cultural activities such as art, science, and lifestyles.
Where did it start- Beginning in italy in the middle ages.
Why there? Because they were the first to come out and show interest in the new cultural ideas of science, lifestyles, and art.
How it changed the world? It changed the world by giving a new direction for the modern culture of art, and lifestyles.
Major figures? William shakespeare, Leonardo de Vinci, Galileo Galilei, Many Artist’s


  • Painting, sculpture, and architecture became big
  • Paintings became more realistic and focused less often on religious topics
  • Rich families became patrons and started coming in with great art.
  • Artists advanced the Renaissance style of showing nature and depicting the feelings of people.


  • The Catholic church was the dominant religion in Europe
  • It was the center of all community life
  • The catholic church was a refuge for war, people, plague, etc.
  • People then started to actually think
  • People started to view their own thoughts and opinions
  • Started to question the church and the pope
  • Corruption


  • The renaissance made many important developments in science including Alchemy, Astronomy, and Medicine
  • Alchemy is an early form of chemistry, it has to do with finding methods for changing base metals into gold. Also they were looking for a universal solvent, and a elixir of life.
  • Astronomy made the discovery that the earth revolves around the sun
  • In Medicine they started dissecting, and body examination. also started modern neurology

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