Schools 1950s and 1960s

The wacky weird ways of schools back then

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Schools back in the 50s and 60s were very different back then than they are today. Today you might find four or five schools in a town, Back then you might only find one or two schools in a town. Schools back then had very very little homework, today you get a lot of homework every single day. There were different ways of teaching back then also. A lot of other things have changed back then too. There are many more things to say, let's hop into it!
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What classes were taught?

Some classes that were taught are still some of that classes that are taught today, in fact most of them are. First there was just basic math, just like we have today. They also had English like we have today. They also, according to Tanner Bell on, had some other classes too some being reading and writing.
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Did they have a lot of homework?

Speaking that kids of the 1950s didn't have as many classes as we have today, they also didn't have a lot of homework. Anali Vargas writes on "Some major differences between the 1950s and now" "High schools in the 1950s gave little homework; hence the teens had a lot of free time."
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Was the teachers salary?

The teachers salary was one of the things that was very different back then. They didn't get a lot of money. Deborah Edwards-Onoro on put in that the teachers salary was (in the 1950s) was $4,000 per year and teachers salary (in 2011) was $39,000 ; and today it's even more. So as you can tell it has changed.
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What did they use to sit at? (Chairs, tables or desk)

You could say that the kids of the 1950s used things similar to what we used. This is one of the things that is not so different. On on "some major differences between the 1950s and now." Anali Vargas writes about how they used chairs that were connected to the desk, just like we use today. There was on thing different though, they had a basket underneath their chair to hold all their books. Also the dels were made of wood.
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what technology did they use in school?

In the 50s schools they didn't have computers and I pads like we have. In schools they used a paper and pencil just like we do. They didn't have anything to "look up" they had to read books to figure out information.
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Why did it change?

Many things caused it to change. One thing was technology. All these new things were being invented that made school easier. Another thing was the economy. The economy changed because, well, the technology changed. Also people got more money for their jobs so they could save money for more schools. Also if jobs were raising the pay more people would want to be teachers to get money. So more teachers means more students and that means more schools.
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-they had less school days back then

1955=155 days 2011=180 days

-they had worse punishments back then

-they very very rarely had after school activities

-school ended much earlier then it does today

-in catholic schools they had a very strict teachers who would usually hit you if you did something wrong

-there weren't as many schools back then whereas today you might find three or four in one town (like Chelsea)


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