The best place in the world or am I right

Argentina's capital

Argentina's capital is Buenos aires the largest city in Argentina most of the time people work here and do different kinds of jobs. Argentina's population is 41.45 million people.

Argentina biome

Argentina's biome is a dry forest, deserts, and beaches where people want to go surf and play.

Typical wildlife in Argentina

In Argentina there are different types of animal wildlife for insistence there are armadillos, sloths, and chinchilla these are mammals. Now there are also ocean wildlife like catfish, salmon, pike, and trout. Last but not least there are plants that live there to, like pineapples, potatoes, cocoa trees peanuts, and tomatoes.

Tourists destinations

The most famous places were tourists like to go and stay for a while are the following Buenos aires, plaza de mayo, and Iguaza falls.

Government in Argentina

Argentina is a republican type of government where people had to go vote for them in there presence for there vote to count.

The land mass of Argentina

The land mass of Argentina is 1.047 million miles long so Argentina is not really big, but bigger than japan and Portugal.

The currency of Argentina

The currency that Argentina's country uses is pesos which is less valued that U.S. money so that means that american money is worth more than in Argentina

Awesome facts from Argentina

Two best soccer players are from Argentina who are Diego maradona, and Leonel messi the two are the most best soccer players in the world.