Kindergarten Newsletter


Classroom News!

* Hooray for apples! Each morning this week our check-in question was about apples. Our poem this week was about apples. We taste tested four different apples and made a graph that showed which apple was our favorite. As if that weren't enough - Mrs. Mandaiker told a magical story about the star in the center of an apple.

* We used dinosaur counters to make our own addition story problems. We used our iPads to take pictures of our number stories.

* After reading a book called "The Perfect Square" we each got a red square. Just as in the story, our square got shattered, ripped, crumpled, zig-zaged, cut or hole punched. Then the fun really began! We used our imaginations to make something new out of all the parts of the square. After sharing our pictures with each other we had a lovely discussion about the different and wonderful ideas each of us came up with.

Apps We Used This Week

This week we used an app called "Hungry Guppies." This is an app that requires a bit of logic and problem solving in order to solve some addition problems.

Important Message

*Parents! On Friday, October 28th, Kindergarten will be performing the Left-Right song and a folk dance at our Morning Meeting. We look forward to seeing you there!

* Fall weather is on its way ( we think). Please be sure that your child has appropriate clothes for the weather. Also, we would be ever so grateful if you would teach your children how to zip up their coats. We need all the "zipper-uppers" we can get! Of course, we are always available to zip up anyone who needs the help.

*We are going on a Field Trip to the Adventure Theater on Friday.

Poem of the week: "Apples"

Red apples,

Yellow apples,

Green apples, too.

Big apples,

Little apples,

Shiny apples, too.

Crunchy apples,

Soft apples,

Rotten apples, ooh!