Robotics 1.5

TPSF Summer Academy

Week 4: July 17-July 20

Robotics 1.5 is over! I absolutely adored each and every one of the students! Your kids are so bright and talented! I can't wait to see them grow in robotics and beyond.

I hope they all had as much fun as I did this summer designing, programming, and learning all about robotics! They came so far in their abilities and really impressed me with their hard work and creativity.

We started this week by completing the roller coasters. They turned out GREAT and we showed them off to other classes. We finished the week with Dancing Robots! SO Much fun to see their programming come to life! Some codes were over 100 lines of code!

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Robot Roller Coasters

Your amusement park is almost complete! This is the ultimate test as an amusement park designer, can you create your own ride using a combination of vex parts and paper/poster? Your mission is to design a ride of your choice that uses elements of vex (think a slope, a lift, a spin, a pulley, etc). that will connect to the "paper" portion of your ride. The ride should be your biggest and most fun attraction at the park! Your riders will be a marble or ping pong ball (your choice).

Criteria and Constraints:

-Your ride should be at least 30 seconds long (challenge yourself).

-You have 2 days of class to complete the ride (about 8 hours...challenge yourself but be reasonable about what you can get done in class).

-You must be able to carry a ping pong ball or marble through the entire course without having to "push/touch" the rider along the path

-Has to use VEX and Paper components in the ride.

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Dancing With the Robots

Write a program that gets your robot to dance. Your dance routine should be around 30 seconds long. Your robots will be dancing in front of the crowd at the showcase on Thursday! Your dance routine needs to include a MINIMUM of 10 dance moves in the routine (examples: spin, left turn, moving forward, shake, etc.).

End of Summer Survey

Parent Survey

Parent input is such a valuable part of the success of TPSF Summer Academy and I am asking you to take this quick parent survey! Thank you :)

Have a GREAT rest of the summer!

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