What I learned at convention!

O2 GROW 2014

Hello Ladies!

I am FINALLY back home from convention and my "day job" business trip! I wanted to share my O2 Grow experience with you. But first, I want to say thank you to all of you for being fabulous and making your businesses a success!

Convention was held Friday and Saturday with an option to check in and shop at the store on Thursday. Veronica and I took a roadtrip to Phoenix Thursday morning and decided to go straight to the convention center to check in. I was in awe of how beautiful everything looked...they even had banners on the street lamps...there was no doubt that O2 was in town! At check in, I received the cutest aqua bag with white trim which was lined with O2 and hearts and had a dangling key chain! Everything was branded so beautifully! Inside the bag was a water bottle, a notebook and pen, a pewter tag, tissues (oh yeah, these came in handy) and the itinerary.

On Friday and Saturday, we started with general sessions and had break out sessions after lunch. I attended How to become a jewelry expert, How to earn incentive trips, How to maximize your earning potential and Mentoring 101, The power of social media and set your hostess up for success. The key take aways that I received from each of the sessions was:

-Get rid of that negative mind set!

-Stop trying to sell, instead, SHARE our products, stories and love for O2

-take full advantage of the scheduling option on FB and abstain from posting on your personal page (I'm trying!)


-Have a plan

-Be consistent. Stick with one social media sight and go with it rather than spreading yourself thin!

-Find out what your hostess' preferred method of communication is (e-mail, cell, text, etc)

People have compared convention to the Ellen show because of all the "EVERYBODY GETS ONE" moments! I received over $200 in products! New charms, a bracelet from the new CORE collection, a lanyard with a Swarovsy faceplate and a set of earrings!

A kit of new items will be made available to those who attended convention. I purchased mine today, and will let you know when I have received it. In the mean time, I have posted sneak peeks on my business page at www.fb.com/pinkheart.owl get your customers excited and start booking those jewelry bars! My favorites are the lanyards and the wedding collection...I think those will be the big sellers.

Aside from all of the new products, O2 will be offering affordable health insurance and is opening up a virtual academy where you can earn college credit! Truly a force for good!

Start thinking about next year's convention in Chicago! Purchase your ticket as soon as it becomes available (this year, I learned how easy it is to transfer/sell a ticket if you can't make it, so get in on it before ticket prices go up...more info should be available in October) What a production! There were silhouette dancers, Bella sang and the keynote speaker Erik Wahl was amazing! And not to mention the Gala!! Let's all goooo!!!!

There was sooo much! If you'd like to learn more or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me! If we can't meet in person, we can facetime or skype! Again, thank you for everything that each and every one of you do!

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