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Human Effects On The Ocean

5 Negative Impacts on The Ocean

-Toxic Waste Can Kill off a bunch of algae also cause serious depletion of dissolvedoxygen supplies for animals. scientists also found higher levels of man made chemicals in marine animals.

-Oil spills can kill a lot of animals like the Gulf Oil spill in 2010.

-Littering Plays a Role in damaging the ocean life

-Overfishing Is Quickly Declining the number of fish in the ocean

-Runoff From fertilizers can create vast dead zones and deplete oxygen from animals in the ocean including fish

5 Postive effects that can fix the negatives

-Artifical Reefs can provide a home for marine animals

-Throwing away trash can help and participating in beach or waterway clean ups can help improve the oceans Ecosystem.

-For oil spills using Dispersants Can break up an oil spill into very small droplets

-Being very much aware of Manufacturing processes and clean alternatives to products

Artifical Reefs

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The BP Oil Spill Deepwater Horizon Disaster