Get the all new prefix IM!

The IMportant assistant! Im-into, not

It's Frisco's favorite new prefix! The ONLY prefix that has the letters "I" and "m."

The prefix "im" Is the most IMpressive looking prefix out there. In its purest form, it looks like an illuminating light. The prefix "im" will always stay by your side when it needs you. It's simple. All you need to do is think up of a word that starts with IM, and there you have it! The prefix IM will do the rest! If you're a little girl and you're stuck in a boring classroom,the prefix "im" will turn into an IMaginative pony, that eats flowers and turns it into rainbows. If you're an adult, and you have a lot of clean in your house, the prefix "im" will be at your side to clean everything up, and turn a messy room into an IMmaculate house, like the ones on the cover of "Better Homes and Gardens." And that's why the prefix "im" is so IMpecable. It's for anyone! Even if you're an adult needing to clean a messy house, or a little girl stuck in a classroom, the prefix "im" will be for you. Unlike the other prefix "in" the "im" wannabe with the same definition, the prefix "im" is much more IMportant, while the prefix "in" is terribly INsipid. Buy the prefix "im" today before it runs out!

Turn the prefix "im" into anything you want. You can even IMpersonate yourself! Look at our satisfied customers!


"I have used this for 3 years now, and I'm not kidding, it changed my life!"


"I love to impersonate myself and to kiss myself!"


And from the creator himself, Antonio Escano!

"When you buy this product, you will not only get the prefix "IM," but you will also get a free pack of batteries! (no batteries included) So call now!"

It costs only 500 payments of $200! (If you want the exact price, seriously? Get a new calculator)