A Savior to Indians and Colonists Alike

by elizabeth coates


"Pocahontas is the instrument to preserve this colony from death, famine, and utter confusion," this is how the great life of this woman was described by John Smith. Pocahontas actually did NOT marry John Smith, like Disney led you to think. She ensured peace between the colonists of Jamestown and the Powhatan Indians. This woman saved the hero of the Jamestown colonists. Pocahontas obviously had a very interesting life. To learn more about her, read on!

Her Marriage

To Marry John Rolfe

You may think Pocahontas married John Smith, Disney is WRONG!!! She actually married John Rolfe. The marriage of Pocahontas and John Rolfe ensured peace between the Jamestown settlers and the Powhatan Indians for several years. The feelings of Pocahontas about her marriage are, to this day, unknown. John Rolfe claimed he wanted to marry Pocahontas, not for his pleasure, but to save her soul. Pocahontas and Rolfe's marriage made a large impact on American history.

The Powhatan Princess Makes Peace

Peace by Pocahontas

Pocahontas made peace between Jamestown colonists and the Powhatan Indians. During the "starving time," colonists started raiding Powhatan food supplies. In return of their theft, the Powhatan ordered an attack. This attack lasted several years. Finally, in 1614, the Powhatan accepted peace with the English. Pocahontas was truly the peacemaker of the 1600s.

The Rescuer

Pocahontas to the Rescue!

Pocahontas may not have married John Smith, but she did save him. On e night, Pocahontas overheard her father plotting a night attack on the English. Pocahontas was not happy with her father. She raced through the woods to warn them. When her tribe got there to kill John Smith, she shielded him from them. She said, "If you should kill him, you must kill me!" Pocahontas was a hero to John Smith and to the Jamestown colonists.

Overall. . .

Pocahontas was a great woman. She married John Rolfe, not for herself. She married him for her people, to make peace between the English and her tribe. And that, she did. She made peace by marrying John Rolfe, even though she may not have wanted to. She was the savior of the savior of the Jamestown colonists. Pocahontas rescued John Smith, the Englishman the colonists looked to during a dilemma. The most famous words of Pocahontas are "I am trying to help my people," and she truly, truly was.
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