facts of the invention

.the earliest documetation of fireworks dates.

.half of all fireworks injuries are to children under the age of 16.

.A string of firecrackers in hong kong that went on and on lasting 22 hours marked the new years celebration.

. The first recorded fireworks was at a wedding in 1486.

.fireworks were used for festivities to scare off spirts.

who invented the fireworks

.There were no sign who invented the fireworks

.It was said that chinese are credited with the invention of fireworks.

. There was a legened that a chinese cook spilled ingredients of gunpowder into his cooking and invented gunpowder.

.Earliest use of fireworks was by the chinese 2,000 years ago

.It was a accident to the chinese because when green bamboo stalks exploded in their evening campfires.