Seniors Only! Class of 2022

September 28, 2021

Tickets Are Here!

Hello Senior parents!

Tickets are in!! Sell your pack of 20 and get $20 off Grad Bash admission!!! (one time $20 off) Top ticket seller gets their kid in FREE to bash! Second top seller gets their kid in half off!!  We will have plenty of volunteer opportunities for you to sell tickets at, we are going to need a lot of help! The tickets you sell when volunteering somewhere count towards YOUR total sales! Please contact a board member to arrange pick up for your pack of tickets to sell-it’s best to text us as we work during the day and usually can’t answer the phone

(In parentheses is just the area we live, you can pick up from any one of us, it doesn’t matter.) PLEASE help get these tickets sold so we can have Grad Bash!!

Rhonda- 616-890-3416 (Dorr)
Monica- 269-209-9549 (Bradly)
Elena- 616-970-2892 (Gun Lake)
Theresa- 616-540-0334Dorr)
Hillarie-616-307-7974 (Moline/Wayland)
Stacey- 616-862-9135 (Moline)
Jen- 616-862-4222 (Moline)

Volunteers Needed!

***Looking for a few volunteers to help sell tickets at a few upcoming events*** Send me a text if you are willing to help out 616-890-3416

Friday 9/24 Homecoming

Saturday 10/2 Sandy Pines Flea market
9am —11:30-
11:30-2pm- Hillarie MacDonald Walma

Saturday 10/2 Wayland Expo

Friday 10/15 Last home football game
5pm-7pm-Rob Rob Gardner
7pm-9pm- Mary Boss Griffith

•We are looking for suggestions as to where we could sell tickets, any ideas?

Grad Bash

Grad Bash Registration

Grad Bash is $100 through December 31st. Your student must be *PAID* and registered to attend the party. Price will go up to $125 on January 1st.

Click here to sign up!


Golf Cart

We are going to need the help of all our parents to sell those tickets so our Seniors can have an amazing Bash! If you sell at least 20 tickets, you get $20.00 off your student's registration, if registration has already been paid, we will reimburse the $20.00 to you in May. Top ticket seller gets their student into Bash for FREE! 2nd place seller gets 50% off registration!

Trivia Night 11.20.21

Spots are still open! You don't need to know ANY trivia to have a great time, so many laughs!! See the flyer below for more details!

Bottle Returns

Contact Hillarie (616)-307-7974 for can pick up. (Some parents have been returning their own cans and turning in the cash to Hillarie for deposit! THANK YOU for that!!)

Senior Video

Please email 3 pictures of your student (with name attached to pictures) to Christi Atwood at

Facebook Page

Join our Parent Facebook page here:

Wayland Union HS Class of 22 Parents

ALL questions MUST be answered to be accepted. This is a PARENT/GAURDIAN page ONLY!


If you have questions, you can contact any board member!

Rhonda- 616*890*3416

Monica- 269*209*9549

Theresa- 616*540*0334

Elena- 616*970*2892

Hillarie- 616*307*7974

Stacey- 616*862*9135

Jen- 616*862*4222