Want to get away...for good?

Come to Indian Island


"'Two deaths following rapidly on each other'...'Yes, little china Indian figures....There were certainly ten last night at dinner and now there are eight'"

As each missing figure disappears so do the people of mysterious deaths

Secret Lyrics By The Pierces

Kyle Kulikowski, December, 3, 2014, 7th Period


The pieces of this puzzle just weren't fitting together. Two "suicides" in less then twelve hours wasn't too believable anymore. I mean who carries around Potassium Cyanide? These people weren't killing themselves, there was a murder but he was no where to be found. I looked around every inch of the Island nobody, anywhere. Not to mention, as the people died a figure from the center table went missing and they died just as recited so in the poem. I just don't trust the place, the end is near and you don't even know it. -Philip Lombard

Beware! Indian Island

And Then There Were None...