Ms. Kramr's 3rd Grade Newsletter

Feb. 8-12

What are we learning...

Reading- Students are continuing to look at non-fiction writing structures and learning how to use graphic organizers to write complete summaries.

Writing- We are carefully taking notes from our research (fact fragments we call them). Then from our notes, we build our sentences and paragraphs into report form. Students are reviewing what makes a complete sentence and how topics are grouped for paragraphing.

Math- We will continue our unit will exploring the x9 multiplication strategies and we’ll spend time working on division problems. When working on division, the focus will be on connecting the multiplication strategy to the related division fact. Our DCA 10 & 11 test will be next Friday.

Science- Students are learning about the origin and purpose of the water cycle. Students will create a water cycle model and write about the process and its functions.

Social Studies- We are continuing to research our country of heritage. Students are finding not only the ethnic dress, but also foods, religion, geography, and natural resources to name just a few of the topics.


Valentine Parties in Third Grade

This year each third grade classroom will be holding an intimate and low-key breakfast to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Each class will have a sign-up for foods needed at their Valentine’s Breakfast.

Each child will need valentines for everyone in the classroom and a decorated box to hold his/her cards.

Since all parties across the school are being held on the same day, we ask that parents send in items with students but not attend the party this time.

We will have a GIANT end of year celebration so we are asking that you rest up and begin stretching for that event!!

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and help in making this party day fun but low-key.



Monday February 22 and Monday February 29

Please make sure your child is at school on these dates and do not schedule doctor appointments or vacations on these days. We will be taking a “mock” STAAR test these days. We will use this information to modify our instruction in the months of March and April in preparation for the STAAR test. Also, please do not print STAAR release tests and give them to your child. We will be using those tests and if your child has already taken them or studied them, then it will skew our data and the help that we are able to provide to all students.

Important Dates:

Feb. 8th: Spelling Test

Feb. 12th: Six Flag Reading Logs

Feb. 11th: Progress Reports go home

Feb. 12th: Class Valentine's Party

Feb. 12th: Math Unit 10 and 11 Test

Feb. 12th: Science Test

Feb. 15th: Student Holiday

Feb. 22nd: STAAR Ready

Wish list

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