Husky Times

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HHE Mission

Holiday Heights is a SAFE and ACCEPTING place where everyone works together to LEARN, IMPROVE, and ACHIEVE our goals.



October 16 Special House Meeting (Awards for 1st six weeks)

October 17 Fall Digital Learning Conference BCTAL 10/17 from 8-1

October 19 BARSP Book Giveaway: Cafeteria 8:50-10:40

October 22 Fire Drill

October 22 Science Night

October 26-30 Red Ribbon Week

October 28-29 Vision & Hearing Screening

October 29 Art/PLC Day

October 30 School Carnival

November 1 Daylight Savings

November 5 Dr. Brown visit to HHE

November 10&11 Play it Safe

November 11 Veteran's Day

November 12&13 Data Meetings

November 13 Student half-day & End of 2nd Six Weeks

November 18 Instructional Rounds

November 19 Fire Drill

November 20 Special House Celebration

November 21-29 Thanksgiving Break

November 30 PLC Art Day

Reminders and Focus

  • Continue to build strong, positive relationships with all the students. Smile often. Choose to see the good and positive. Focus on growth and celebrate often. Nothing is more helpful in the learning process than the effects of trust and joy.
  • Safe Schools Training Online PAST Due. If you have not completed all the modules, please do so immediately.
  • Teacher websites should be up to date and current. If you have not done this or need help, please make sure this happens ASAP.
  • Our goal is to be level 3 (or moving close to it) in most areas on the district rubric for TEKS centered teaching. I have seen many great examples of students interacting with the TEKS in class. Be sure to not only post them, but have discussions so that students understand the goal of their learning.
  • Reading Workshop at 100% implementation is our highest priority in curriculum. We will have some PD on our priorities in order of importance at the faculty meeting this Monday.
  • Guided Reading groups should be in full swing. Meet with low groups 4 times per week, low/medium 3 times, medium and high 2 times. Special Education students should be part of both your Guided Reading Group rotation & TEAM Time interventions
  • Rigor, relevance, and engagement strategies should be focus on when planning for learning
  • Houses are picking up momentum. This is the time where there can be a little lull in the energy. Keep up the passion and excitement. Having students start taking the lead and be a cheer leader is a great way to do this.

Innovation Requires Disruption

We all know people who chose smooth sailing and slipped into predictable boredom at the same time. Sail into the storm if you want to grow. Ron Clark once told me "as soon as you begin to dwell on your success your journey begins to end."

The path to exponential growth always includes – disruption – a letting go and a taking hold of the new and unknown.

Here are 7 ways to disrupt your way to exponential growth:

  1. Take the right risks at the right times.
  2. Play to your distinctive strengths. Building on your strengths is 800% more effective than trying to improve your weaknesses.
  3. Embrace constraints. Shift your mindset to thinking of constraints as a tool of creation.
  4. Battle entitlement- never get comfortable with "this is the way it has always been" and practice gratitude often, even for the little things.
  5. Step back to grow- stay humble.
  6. Give failure it's due- fail early to succeed faster.
  7. Be discovery driven. Always ask what is next?